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Our Story: Building a Community of Quran Learners

We believe in the power of the Quran to inspire, guide, and transform lives. We are passionate about creating a supportive and engaging community of individuals who are dedicated to learning and understanding the teachings of the Quran. Through our online platform, we strive to provide a space where learners of all backgrounds can come together, share knowledge, and embark on a journey of Quranic exploration. Our journey began with a simple idea: to bridge the gap between individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of the Quran and the vast knowledge and resources available. We recognized that many people face challenges when it comes to accessing reliable and comprehensive Quranic education. To address these challenges, we set out to build a community-driven platform that would serve as a one-stop solution for Quran learners around the world. Our team of dedicated experts, scholars, and educators came together to curate a rich collection of resources, courses, and interactive tools designed to facilitate an immersive Quranic learning experience.


Personalised learning plans

We offer to our students plans and syllabus that fit directly with their schedules. Every student is entitled to choose the number of hours he/she can dedicate to the course. Thus, allowing the best effectiveness in memorizing and revising the Qur'an.

Interactive lessons

Our students have the luxury of interacting with their teachers beyond just the regular class sessions. This allows them to make continuous revision and improvement on lesson plans.

Expert tutors

Our teachers are experienced and certified in the areas of nurturing youths and passing the teachings of the Qur'an to students alike. This institute is filled with teachers rich in knowledge and sciences of the Qur'an, and additionally, they possess excellent teaching skills.


Personal Tutoring

Basmad Qur'an Institute takes pride in its flexibility and its effectiveness to fit into students' various schedules. Our Personal Tutoring option allows flexibility and it is students' schedule-centered.
3 days weekly : Friday , saturday and sundays


The Qur'an, as a sacred text, carries immense wisdom and guidance for humanity. Our goal is to produce high-quality videos that bring the beauty and teachings of the Qur'an to life. These videos will serve as a valuable resource for people of all ages and backgrounds, helping them understand and connect with the profound messages within the Qur'an. Creating such videos requires substantial resources, including professional equipment, skilled artists, and dedicated production teams. That is why we are reaching out to you, our compassionate community, to request your generous donations. Your contributions will enable us to continue producing these videos and make them accessible to a global audience. By donating to this cause, you will be playing a vital role in spreading knowledge, fostering understanding, and promoting harmony. Your support will contribute to a better understanding of Islam and help dispel misconceptions about the faith. We understand that times are challenging for many, and any amount you can contribute will make a difference. Whether it is a small or large donation, your gesture of kindness will have a significant impact on our ability to produce these valuable Qur'an videos. To make a donation, please click the donate button and follow the instructions provided. We are deeply grateful for your generosity and belief in our mission.